31 January 2006

fly fly away

so this is it- my last day in the usa! (pardon if i sound overly excited on that one, it's just that, well, i am)
for anyone interested in my itenery:
feb 1 at 13:15 i leave dfw for newark, in at 17:38
departing newark for amsterdam at 18:30 arriving 07:55 on feb 2
departing amsterdam for hamburg at 10:00 arriving 11:10
(all times local)
once in hamburg, i will spend the day and night at old friends from the jesus freaks hamburg (its alex's birthday!) and then return to bremen friday afternoon in time for my shift at cafe chance, the christian drug counseling center.

i don't really have a mailing adress of my own, i will be sleeping on a friends sofa till i get my own apartment. if you want to send me a letter, its best done by email until i can post my own adress. pray that will be soon!!


At 09:03, Blogger Megan McMillan said...

Safe travels!


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