11 October 2006

361grad bremen

today there was another meeting of the film-committee i am on. i realized there seem to be a lot of people who dont know that i am involved in this project, so i thought i would say a few words about it.

after the sucess of my film for the punk projekt (Verein fuer Akzeptierende Jugend Arbeit eV) with the younger punk girls, i was contacted by the local PBS station and asked to join a circle of local filmmakers to produce a monthly tv show about the issues surrounding imigrants.

we meet once a month, and this month my film project was up for discussion. (i recieved a grant for almost 600e from the senat for aliens to make a 15 minute film)

uli helped me design flyers and posters to get peoples attention.. unfortunately it isnt working.. i still havent found the 30-45 actors i need! the film has to be finished by the first week of december.


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