23 April 2012

vacation with God (and phil)

the idea came after a really difficult couple of weeks here.. i can't go into many details in an open forum because of privacy issues.. i am a drug counsellor, after all.. just say it was one of the rougher months. i knew i needed to get away or risk burnout, so i asked my friend phil if he was up for a spontaneous trip with God. he said yes, so we prayed and did what every logical person would do.. drew modes of transportation and direction out of a hat. ;) it landed on car to the east. so we set our sites on shared transportation and hitchhiking options to budapest. this is me on te second day, on our prayer tower. we really weren't out for tourism, but rather to spend time with God and let him work in us, through us and with us.. we wanted to come home relaxed and haveing shared our faith in a natural way with those He prepared for us to talk to.. no stress, not forcing anything.

we ended up doing a lot of hitchhiking- and realizing in every car why we had to wait for just that ONE. the conversations were great. i'm trying to keep this short, so i'll just say that. we still have contact to one driver per email, he might visit. we stayed with people in their homes using couch surfing.. also an amazing thing. we were able to give our host in budapest a german new testament and to share testimonies with our host in bratislava. in prague we stayed at a hostel (it was good friday) but were able to talk to the hostess about our faith. all in all a well planned trip- especially seeing as how WE didn't really plan it.

we spent a lot of time just talking about serious issues (phil's also studying theology, he will probably end up as a methodist preacher), praying, reading through 2 corinthians, and singing (without a gitare and in public..) we saw the sides of the city most people don't.. the ghetto, a park with several hundred homeless.. we just walked and prayed. we had no rush, no place to be, no electronic devices.. it was just us and God. it was extremely cool.

i don't want to write all the details.. for one, it would just be tooooo much, for another, it's hard to capture it in writing. i'd rather TELL it. so if you're interested, we could skype.. :)


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