03 March 2006

hope fulfilled

WE GOT IT!!!!!!!!!
yeahyeahyeah. so everything went better than expected. i mean, i know God is good, and i know God is faithful, and i know we felt His guidance..... but wow.. this was just straight out Him at His finest. the story:

there were a few impressions in advance.. it started with various Bible verses (ex 23:20, mark 10:29-30, psalm 23:6, heb 3:6...)
songs ("gott hat uns ein haus gebaut"- God built us a house, "our house in the middle of our street", the song i linked to in the previous post, "derbe krass"- i want to live with you, holy spirit, "god is in haus, and i cry his name up the stairs"...)
words from others who have been praying with us,
translation of tongues in prayer ("blessings will flow over this house, blessing will reside in the house, and from it blessings will flow")
and as we arrived, mörßl swallowed hard, then grinned really big and said "thats the house i dreamt of while i was still at home in saxony!"

so then the landlord showed us around the two men still hadnt seen the house, (mörßl even agreed to move in before seeing it) and talked to us about all the work that had been done on it (for the guys/dad: the basement had been resealed to prevent water damage, the attick windows were expanded, and the electronics rewired this year) (for the ladys/mom: they added security glass and locks, updated the kitchens, and painted with easy-clean paints)

as we set down to coffee, the talk was immediately about how long we will be renting the house. there was no delay, he gathered our information and gave us his. done deal. we can have it. so..

the catch??

yeah, there is one.. it isnt up for rent till june. we thought april or may at the latest... oh ha. i dont have a room right now, so it isnt very convienient for me. the others are ok with it (mörßl and martin-should he choose to move in- have three months time to cancel anyway out of their current rent situations)

so, pray still for martin's decision and for my "in between time." it is hard for me to be in limbo so long.


At 15:47, Blogger Megan McMillan said...

That's great, Cate!

What are you planning on doing for housing until summer?


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