14 October 2006

news briefs

1. my ugly sofa has qualified for this months home-makeover special.. many thanks to ebay for the new red cord sofa cover :-)

2. my friend sibe from switzerland who was here to visit has been praying about whether or not she should move to bremen. i didnt know that this was one of her reasons to visit! she has a heart for the same ministry stuff i do (but for switzerland) and has thought about taking a time-out from her job and living with us in the hope house and being part of our team, to learn a bit more about how to do what we do.. i think it'd be really cool to have her here.. so pray for clarity for her!!

3. cafe chance asked me to come in an hour early yesturday for a conference. they have offered to do "super-vision" with me for my street-work, which is cool.

not so cool is that they are trying to put me in a box i dont want to be in.. the cafe is from 7-9 and we need an hour before and half an hour after to clean up. from the beginning i have said that i can't stay that long, because the work on the streets before is very taxing. sometimes i do stay, but generally i go at 8:30. now they are saying they'd like me to stay, because some of the others who work there don't understand why i leave early. i dont get it.. alot of the others come at 7 or later, i get there at 5:45.. and they come from either a day off or from some non-social work type job. thats a whole different ball game than spending 10 hours with street people! i do make sure i am not leaving one person alone, but if there are three or more people there, and i feel drained, i go. (usually most of the guests leave at 8:05 directly after the short message- thats the first moment they can get bread to take home, so they wait till then and then skidadle) so why can't we just tell the other people who work there, why i leave? the boss wasn't really understanding me either. she says i should maybe just come once a week and then stay till 9:30. but i am not talking about being too drained in the WEEK, but on that NIGHT. ok, so i am ranting a bit, but i am upset. this comes after listening for months to them refer to me as a "half-coworker" although i stay more than half the night and come twice a week (no one else comes twice a week).


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