18 February 2009

cure for migraines?

my friend ben knows someone who tried this old herbal remedy and has since had no more migraines. so he got it for me for valentines day. well, actually, for christmas, but it just got here this weekend... so i am trying out this really disgusting tasting harbal paste for the next [until bottle is empty]. if it works, it will be worth the taste- so pray that it does! the taste is so penetrating that no toothbrushing or meals have been able to get rid of the flavor- i even made fish to try and cover it up. no such luck. i guess i am quaranteed healthy smelling breath for awhile. it's called pear-honey or something like that from some old nun, i think, named Hildegard von Bingen.


At 22:12, Anonymous kate kon said...

Did this work? I still get headaches too. I just noticed you're posting as Xate is that the Basque in you coming through?

At 04:26, Blogger xate said...

hey kate..

it didn't work completely, but i have noticed that they are less frequent. maybe i should do it again. i read several accounts where people had to do it two or three times.

and yeah, xate is my basque counterpart... wishing she were off on some adventure ;-)


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