02 February 2009


wow, this past weekend did a load of good. i was able to get away from bremen from thursday to sunday and spend some time in frankfurt. moerssl was driving down anyway to see his girlfriend off for six months in israel, so i was able to ride with him.

i spent thursday night at my friend dani's... she was from jesus freaks kassel and went to the same discipleship training school i did in south africa, so we have known each other for a long time. it was good to catch up and relax a bit. she just had a surgury after a year of false diagnosis.

friday i met up with andreas who came to spend the weekend with me in frankfurt! we went to a hessen dialect theater show and ate the most famous pizza in the city. saturday we saw all the sights.. i was so glad my foot is feeling good enough that we could walk around all afternoon. it was bitter cold and windy, but sunny. apparetly restaurants take reservations in frankfurt, which we hadnt counted on, so we tried three different places before getting in to one for dinner. (props to him though, he was willing to try african food, south american, or indian... but we ended up at a traditional german place eating schnitzel) sunday we went to the jesus freaks, where they had a guest speaker- martin dryer, a friend of mine and the founder of the jesus freaks!

it was good to just be away from responsibility for a weekend, not dealing with looking for housemates or the problems here- not even needing to worry about what to cook or clean.. a real vacation.


At 21:51, Anonymous kate kon said...

I have a new favorite Indian dish you should try called Chicken Korma. My best friend's boyfriend, James, introduced me to it. Glad you had a vaykay!


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