13 August 2012


so, i am back from freakstock! and it was an amazing time! this year i held a workshop called "english for worship leaders" and i preached saturday at the main seminar (in front of 600+ people).

other than that i had time off, to talk to friends (and pray with them). this year i really came to peace, for once i was able to just relax in the chaos and sit off to the side and really BE where i was and in the conversations i was in. i think it was one of the best festivals ever!

there were two really fun evenings in there.. on one we may or may not have broken into the kids world and inflated the bouncy house... on the other some of the jesus freak women went out in evening dresses and ballgowns- i wore the maid of honor dress from kelly and lilly's wedding. and we just had fun, danced and laughed.. amongst 3000 festival goers in their ripped jeans and dirty tshirts. we were quite a sight!! (but no, i will not post a photo)


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