17 October 2006

free legal mp3s

lately God has given me a lot of FREE music, that has not only blessed my wallet, but also my heart. and it would just be selfish not to share a few links... so...

first, pfingstpanzer.. german christian punk. not for the light of heart. but very cool when you need to scream your heart out to God. its praise and worship.. a little different. oh, and most of the texts are in german..

obadja.. i have linked them before.. its the "heartcore" band i travelled with recently on convoy. yup, heardcore worship.

jansalleine is singer-songwritter style. he's a jesus freak and alot of his songs are worship.. but some are just him writting about life. also mostly german.. but hey, i live in germany.

this one is NOT GERMAN: psalters (link stolen from my brothers website).. they kinda sound like something you'd expect to hear in the middel east or at a middleages festival.. or around alot of hippies.. but very cool.


At 21:14, Blogger Michael Tyas said...

I'd be remiss if I didn't share with you http://radio3.cbc.ca/ ALL independant Canadian music ALL the time, in a high quality stream.

At 13:30, Blogger Kelly said...

and then there's also:

And, let's not forget :


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