23 October 2007

bambelela, jabulani, and more

saturday i was invited by silke (our old housemate) to a south african concert. it was at a church about an hour and a half away. walking up the sidewalk, i could already hear them singing- "ai ai aii, ai ai aii, yo-o.." my heart beat louder. i am sure anyone one who has spent any amout of time in south africa would know this chrisian version of the macarena.. its song and dance, and very infectious. immediately images popped into my head of zuki calling out the text and the rest of our dts jumping on the "amen". the night went on with bambelela, a tune dani and i used to change the words of, followed by jabulani- or sing for joy. and that is what this night really gave me- joy. i reeeeeaaaaaalllllyy miss south africa sometimes- even though it was a hard year.

so i went up to one of the guys from the band at the break and said "molo." he gave me a starteled "EH! molo! umjani?" and i of course said "ipilele." then we changed over to englisch as he admitted to not being south african. he said he's from northern nigeria, so i said "yah yah dei?" (i know i am misspelling these things..) and his chin just about dropped to the floor. "you did NOT just say that! you DID NOT just say THAT!!" my mind was racing, i thought i'd asked how he was doing- but its been along time since i learned that- was it wrong? did i just insult his mother?? no, it was right- he just couldn't believe some little white girl in a small german town would hobble up to him and speak in his native language. so it turned out, he even knows gideon, a friend of mine from dts time and film school. we laughed a bit about the ways of the Lord and how small the world really is, and then went back to singing and dancing.

so if anyone is in south africa and has contact to some african worship and wanted to bless me, i'd really like a cd of some of these songs. that worship really did good.


At 21:17, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yo Cate,

I just HAD to comment on this! "Laka!"

AH SOUTH AFRICA...........
(deep looong sigh)

But seriously girl, I am so happy to see you going boating in Holland and generally also taking up a bat cave. God runs the world: He does it when we're sleeping and He'll do it when we're dead.

Love ya lots. I am encouraged to see your exploits:) More to come.

~ Charissa


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