05 September 2007

holy crisis, batman!

ok, so maybe it's a bit cliche to write about mother teresa on the aniversary of her death.. but i have been reading alot about her lately and meaning to post. the link on the title is to a cnn article about her faith struggle. quite worthwhile. i found it rather encouraging to read about the "dark night of the soul" which she experienced. ok, so i am a winter christian and seem to lean towards that kinda thing.. to read that she struggled for so long over such central aspects of the faith, and yet never gave up. i'd like to read the book (Mother Teresa: Come Be My Light) with her letters to the confessor.

so what does this have to do with batman? well.. not much, i guess. ;-) but batman had a bat-cave where he could hide out. and that's good, because ever super-hero, saint, or plain missionary needs time apart... thus i announce that i am going to hide out in my bat-cave starting september 22.


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