16 August 2007

going on old

so, for everyone who forgot... yesturday was my 28th birthday.

it was a bit different from normal birthdays, since i couldn't celebrate or walk.. and started out rather low. then at three mechti showed up with a cake she and karo had baked me, and matze came in too. from then on it was open-house with people stopping by, eating cake, drinking coffee, and talking. we sat out on the steps and enjoyed the absolutely perfect weather. and the street group met at our house, too.

the highlight came late at night, as i still sat with muck and matze outside, my neihbor came out and joined us. matze and i ended up over on her steps until five in the morning. we sat there, despite the cool rain that started falling, and had a three hour conversation with her about faith, God and the world. it was really cool. the end point was she agreed to at some point try praying, and just asking God to make himself known. she wants to get back to us with the response.

my birthday wish was that hans would show up again, and this morning he did. he's not doing too well, but he came sobber.


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