16 July 2007

el camino de santiago

many will think me crazy: i feel i should walk the pilgrims path across the north of spain.

"Go, my friend, without expectations, leave behind your fears, give in to your beauty and growing excitement. The meltdown has already started, no doubt, but the "total meltdown" is waiting for you in Spain. It'll be good and, yes, potentially transforming, but you have to be willing to immerse yourself in it. The Camino Frances? The Camino Norte? Doesn't matter, for what we're talking about here. Give yourself in to what you cannot figure out,"

this quote sums it up pretty well. the camino is a chance to be alone with God, meditate on Him and walk through issues (literally). i have heard about the camino for several years now- first from my friend falko who has done it twice now at key moments in his life, and most recently on my trip with kate. up till now it has interested me, but left me cold. now its electric within me. i feel a sence of urgency and expectation concerning it. i need to do this.

there are a few concerns surrounding it, and maybe i can get some prayer support on this one.
first, its about 800km. you literally cross spain. i am not exactly the most physically active person out there, but i have been assured that with the right gear and by allowing a few extra days, i should be fine. fine meaning no worse off than anyone else choosing to walk 800km.

second, it isnt cheap. although i would literally just be walking, i would need food and water along the way, accomodation at least every third night in a hostel with shower, and the train ticket to the spanish border. i also need some equipement (hiking boots, zip off pants, a light weight tent [my old one was stolen by a girl i mentored], a pilgrims passport, guidebook, and staff).

third, it should be clear why i am doing this and when i should go. the why is pretty clear. when is still a question. all logic says to take 6 months, train my body and prepare my pack. my heart says GO! the walk takes between 4 and 6 weeks, and i am thinking it best to go in either october or mai due to weather.

i'd love some feedback on this one.


At 08:25, Blogger Amawalker said...

Go for it!!
To read about the history, the different routes, to buy guides and books on line.

To plan your trip, with a print out of daily mileage, sunrise and sunset, the profile and topography of the route:

To work out your budget:

To find out about the weather, transport, maps, albergues etc.

A Spanish site with lots of info in Spanish and English

To read pilgrims’ diaries:

Forums and Groups: Pilgrim Chat sites:
http://www.groups.yahoo.com/group/Santiagobis (About 1 300 members)
http://www.groups.yahoo.com/groups/Saintjames (about 170 members)
http://www.santiago-today.com/ (Click on ‘FORUM’ – over 1 000 members)

Camino Associations (English sites):
American Pilgrims on the Camino: http://www.americanpilgrims.com/
Canada: The Canadian Company of Pilgrims: http://www.santiago.ca/
England: Confraternity of St James: www.csj.org.uk

Buen Camino.


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