08 June 2007

san sebastian and plans

the smallisch city turned out to be really cool, very pretty and interesting. there were some waves, but we left off surfing this time. we stayed at ira's pension, not to e confused wit the ira who wa our roommate in madrid. she was like a family friend or grandmother, and spoke french to kate and spanish to me. when we said goodbye, she clasped our hands and ket telling us our sweet and great we are, with big hearts, hugging us and all. she was adorable.
this morning we left after a short night at 6:20 for paris, where we are now. i found a hotel last night after searching the net for an hour, right by sacre coeur. its got its own unique atmoshere..
from here we plan to go to brussels and then amsterdam, so any tips are very welcome! hopefully i will see a few friends along the way.


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