17 May 2007

nice Nice

we are now in Nice, on the southern coast of france. and oh man, is it nice. [note:lowercase nice to be read as "good" and uppercase as the city] we got in last night and were greeted by the most friendly staff ever (although it is at times rather tooo nice..) and brought up to this old convent thing in the hills of Nice. the chapel, in all its stained glass wonder is the meeting room..

there were a few problems... we didnt fit in the car they sent to pick us up at the foot of the hills at the bus stop, so i had to wait there for him to come back. then i had to go on errands with him since it was the last chance before the weekend, this being ascention day. but the guy was nice, and bought me a pastry since it was late and we hadnt had lunch. and for dad: he drove a great bwm, britisch steering.and checking in, they didnt have our reservation on file, so it's a good thing we had a copy. they gave us free dinner to accomodate and chaged us from the 12 bed dorm into a 6 bed staff room. the security guard shartes it, and sleeps days, so our stuff is safe.

today we went into town and walked the coast and harbor. its a rocky beach, and the stones make an increadible sound as they are pushed and pulled by the waves. the sea is a very light turquise blue towards the coast, and a bit out turns to the deepest of blues. this contrast is amazing. we also went to the flower market and old town. thats about it for today, the busses werent running much and it was impossible to go anywhere. but on the bus to town we met a cool american couple and spent the day with them. (oh, and he just finished school.. film..)

does anyone still read these? i have fairly regular internet, so far, so feel free to comment or to email me!! love from the coast


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no. :-P


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