23 April 2007

bookclub: the secret life of bees

i read alot recently, huh? well, this one i read entirely on the plane home. and, despite a few small issues i have with it, i can recommend this book. it's a fun read. the teenager in the story runs away with her nanny, right in the middle of the civil rights movement, to look for signs of her dead mother. and the rest of the cast is a hoot. this is the kind of book that will become a great movie, i'm sure.. the characters are diverse and colorful, and the story is basic yet capturing. the only issue i have with it is the way catholicism is mixed with african mysticism.


At 07:12, Anonymous becca gray said...

thanks for the book tip, i am always looking for fun books to read. i am glad you made it back "home" safely, it was really great to see you while you were here.


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