15 April 2007

flightless bird

so this is the story of why i am not currently on an airplane home, and why thats a good thing.

i got to the airport to check in early for my already confirmed flight, and they told me it left several hours ago. what?! even better, there were no seats to be found on any routes of any airlines to any citiy within germany, france, holland, or denmark. they now have me on a flight home for tomorro afternoon arriving tuesday at 14:20 in bremen instead of monday 7:30 in hamburg.

now, i wasn't too hot about flying sunday anyway, or alone- the other germans all left saturday, but once at the airport with packed bags and ready to go, it is not fun to be turned away. i had two thoughts go through my head right away. one is that i really wanted to check out the jesus-freak like church in hurst, and the second was that maybe i could renew my drivers license after all before leaving.

we went straight to my parents church from there. three things struck me that i was glad for. one, a real toilet. two, an interesting person i don't know. and third, carla, a really cool person who i got to talk to.... and into going to the freaky church with me. (its deliverance bible, and its linked above) the sermon was about giants. metaphorically and literally.

we missed the worship because of lunch, but were right on for the sermon. it was all over the board- started with tithes, covered cane and abel, and landed in hebrews 11.. touching briefly on revelations 11 in between.. basically, he talked about being sold-out for the Lord. the kind of pep talk a rally for missionaries should have. and i am one missionary who really needed a pep rally. i really need to get the mp3. at the end there was prayer, too. and for the first time, i knew before he said it that if there was prayer i would jump up there. i hate going up for prayer, i usually pray at my seat or go up to the person later or something. i just dont like peoples eyes boring into my priate conversations with God. well, this was worth the stares. and anyway, i felt at home, and who is scared at home?

thats kinda it. that was the reason i missed my flight, i am sure of it. nothing else happened tonight. but i feel GOOD. happy.

isnt God AWESOME?!?!
he's a good God, a good God, a good God o- yeah...


At 08:20, Anonymous Kate said...

I'm glad you feel good. How was the wedding? The weather here in Jerz has been like Bremen!


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