16 March 2007

i bet you you can't say ___ on the television...

pardon the bad monty python reference in the title.

last night i went to the studio for a jubilaum shoot for 361degrees bremen. we had to show little bits of our films and talk about them..

edina had never moderated before and was rather nervous. i gave her a few tips from my theater experience,, which helped her calm down. and then things went pretty well.. right up through my interview.

then it occured to her that she doesn't know why i chose the title i did. and she asked.

keep in mind here, this is PBC and we aren't allowed to make religious statements. but there was no other way to answer. the film is called "ebenbild," and that's an old german word that is only used in Goethe and the Bible.. so i answered, "well, no matter where we are from, we are all created in Gods image [ebenbild]."

she was a little shocked and started stuttering and said, "uhm, yeah..... uhm.. i think we need to meditate on that one a minute.. uhm.. lets just watch the next clip."


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