17 February 2007


sitting in the offen:bar tonight at the freaks bar night, i felt a heavy sence that i should go home. it made sence, because i wasn't working this time and had had a very long day (we had open-house looking for a roommate, and then i'd been to visit hans in detox with karo, then to a team meeting for offen:bar volunteers)... but i was planning to meet up with some people at the bar and hang out. a few interesting people were already there, enough so that i normaly would just hang.

but the feeling wouldn't leave me alone, and i went home. i thought i'd call lilly and tell her about the roommate search (i'll post that later) but there was no answer. hmm. sitting there i started to feel a little ridiculous, everyone else was at the bar.. and although tired, thats never kept me from friendds before.. and then the phone rang.

my phone doesn't ring often. i wish it did more.

the voice on the other end was the kind that brings tears of joy to your eyes in only a word. a voice from the past, of foreign places and extreme adventures. of someone quite different from me in some ways, and yet on the same track in the important ones. the kind of voice that makes you forget what it was that was bearing on your soul and to laugh out of your heart. the kind of call that is never long enough.

so yeah, the twenty minutes were over too soon, and they left me feeling good. and for those of you who don't understand the title, its xhosa and means "charissa from canada."


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