13 February 2007

monitor died

this time i am unfortunately not writting about a computer, but rather about a homeless guy. i found out tonight at cafe chance that monitor died last week of an overdose of both alchohol and drugs.

it took me a few minutes of listening to figure out who they meant- i knew him by his real name, helmuth. he was about mid to late 40s, and already a bit mixed-up in his head. he always wore the same blue jogging suit, played the guitarre, and carried aroung alllloooot of stuff. i used to talk to him at the dom or in front of a supermarket. he didn't like his state appointed counselor, and wanted me to take over, but he wasnt allowed to make that kind of decision (and i am not qualified for state handled cases).

the guy wasn't exactly the most kosher of people, and the general feeling seems to not be of sadness over his departure. he often stood me up and always had a rather unbelievable story to go along with it.. but i still liked him just fine. of course, i wasn't one of the people he tried to tax for begging on "his" streets, or who he punched when drinking too much korn. in front of me, he always wanted to appear to have his life together.. said he doesnt take drugs or drink often, he has a million in the bank and prefers the streets, and so on..

i found out too late in order to go to the funeral, if they even have one. and i don't have a picture of him.


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