18 January 2007

a harry situation

sorry, thats a really bad pun in the title.

this week has been a bit stressful, but in a good way. sunday harry asked me if he could start comming to counseling. yeah! so we had a prelim conversation sunday, and then he came on monday. it was a great time. we were able to talk, read in the bible, and laugh. harry started comming to street group right before christmas, and now sundays as well. he's a hip-hopper and lives in a monitored-living apartment. mostly he struggles with pot, he kicked the hard drugs already. and he is seeking. he has the begings of a relationship with God already. and now, he is looking into a christian therepy! tuesday we mat again, but only shortly. and today he called and needed to come by. his family is going through some hard times, so i said sure. his sisters divorce went through today, with matze, another guy i work with. there was somefighting back and forth and harsh stuff was said. now its a bit difficult to maintain the professional aspect, because i meet with two "opposing" sides.. and matze is also a friend. i think it went alright though, and so i will see to matze on the weekend.

in other news, our women's bible study is reading "captivating" by john and stasi eldredge. its written in that typical american christian style that i generally avoid, but it also raises interesting points for discussion. so tonights meeting was quite cool. i'd recomend the book for womens groups (but not to just read personally..).

and in even more other news, kelly and lilly (two of my closest friends) are getting married in april, and i will be in dallas to be there. (its very hard for the maid of honor to skip the ceremony...) so i hope i see alot of people then and can share more about what's going on here!

yet more news: we still need someone to take lillys room! pray!!


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