01 January 2007

fortune cookie

no, i am not going to post some sappy two line chineese saying. and i am not going to make resolutions. but i think it is important, when looking back at the year behind, to also look forward. so i am taking a little time now to share what i would like to see happen in the next year.

hope house:

that we be able to take in at least four people. that doesn't sound like alot, but we have alot of changes comming this year, with lilly and corcken both moving out, and kai being an aditional house member for a limited time.
that we will finally finish the needed renovations in the guest apartment, prayer room, bath, and kitchen.
that we will be able to find supporters for the house project in prayer, time commitments, and financially.
that the possibility of starting an organization to manage the house be looked into and either put into action or decided against.

i would like to preach more often and in more venues, and continue to find my style. last year i preached at the freaks in bremen, on the street in cottbus, and in cafe chance. i tryed several inovative styles and have decided that i like creative sermons that involve participation from the audience.
i would like to produce at least two films for television/ festivals; moreover, at least six short films for the jesus freaks services.
i would like to finally make it to london to visit the glorious undead church, to amsterdam to visit the ywam base there (out of which the jesus freaks were born), and back to brussels to see jim and anne mills (a very special missionary couple). since the cheap airlines of europe is moving its hub to bremen, these trips will also cost less than a ticket from here to kassel!
i'd like to start the theology courses that i got from a seminary. i have the audio from the actuall lectures, as well as the notes and book list. and as far as possible, i would like to do these studies. (they don't offer all courses over the internet, so i can't get a degree, but they do offer enough to keep me busy awhile!)
i would like to actually lead someone to christ, and see the fruit of it. usually, i plant seed. i water it. i very, very rarely get to see the person actually make that decision. and i know there are people who have made the decision based on things i planted, but i so rarely hear about it. it would be encourageing to be there for it.
that the pressing issue be settled and that things can finally move on, in one direction or the other... and that i am ok with it.

and here's a bonus.. it isnt for me, but its the thing i am praying for the most...
that hans will finally make it this year through the detox and therepy.


At 18:16, Anonymous Leigh said...

Well maybe I can help with one of those things...

You know that when we were kids, you led me to Christ. Remember when I accepted Christ into my life and heart with you at your church when were 10? We were in Bible study and they asked if everyone had accepted Christ and I said I couldn't remember and you led me to him. And I thank you for that!

So I hope that helps!
Miss you

At 14:37, Blogger Kelly said...

I so totally hope for that last one...


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