21 December 2006

positive perspective

so, as promised.. here is a different look at parts of yesturday..
i ate a frozen pizza. (ok, so that isnt so important, but it meant less prep-time, and it was cheap and tasty)
my film was on tv, and i was able to last-minute organize a place to go and watch it. and my friend tina even watched with me and gave me positve feedback. she also offered me her e-guitarre for 20e because she is leaving the country.. we'll see. and on the way out i met up with axel and connie for a minute, who i had both not seen in ages.
then street group was being filmed by a journalism team.. so i got to do my two passions at once- street work and film. they were new to the film side of things and needed quite a bit of help. we ran into alot of people on the streets i haven't seen in awhile, and had some good times with the punks.
and the highlight. at the mainstation, i saw this guy who is new to the bremer scene.. maybe 2 months now. i had never had a chance to talk to him, but had observed how he warms himself by standing behind the idelling busses, and that he is always wet. (it rains alot here) i went and gave him socks, gloves, hat and shall, and tea. he was sooo grateful, it was cool! he immediately took off his shoes, revealing very wounded grey feet, wrapped in newspaper and covered in sores. his name is boris, he looks to be about 20, and probably has a full blown case of aids. i told moerssl his story, and asked if he had any leftover shoes (same size) and he found a pair! yeah! so i am on my way now to go find boris and give him the dry shoes.


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