07 December 2006


this morning started out really grey.. i woke up reeeaaalllly early for the funeral after three hours of sleep. in my early morning zombie state of mind, i headed off with ilt.. i was already a bit depressed and thinking about michael, and ilt tryed to cheer me up by saying things could only get better.... and then the streetcar control came. oooops. i, in my tired and sadened state of mind, hadn't remembered to tell ilt he needs a ticket today. last night for bible study, he could ride on my months ticket, but only after 7pm. since it was kinda my fault, i gave ilt my months ticket and i got a big ole fine from the local tram service, payable within 14 days. to make matters even better, after waiting around in the cold, windy rain for half an hour, someone finally showed up to the funeral to tell me that it was postponed till next week.

after that i was able to at least see a few people again, who are hard to come by:
judith- told me she was in bremen just two days because of a court hearing. she and her boyfriend finished their 9 month therepie sucessfully and are moving into a clean-flat. (means non-user home)
bugs- told me he finally got an apartment for him and his dog near me, and is still/again clean. he was very excited to see me and will come by next week to talk at length.
the littl heiko- was out of the hospital, where he shared a room with the deceased michael. he broke down in tears while talking.
dierks- the contact policeman. i call him "du" (informal you) and "bulle" (slang for cop) and we do some teamwork and info shareing about the streets.
and of course i saw most of the regulars, too.. mani, petra, eric.

tonight was also the film meeting for 361degrees, which went well enough. and in the ladies bible study we baked fortune cookies for the evangelism project with bible verses in them.


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