24 November 2006

crunch time

in case anyone is wondering what i am up to, and why they havent read about it.. well shoot, i'm on a shoot. thanks to some help i am getting from abroad (thanks murr and mike), i will be able to finish my film on time... and they definately also have been encourageing, which helps me to keep my nerves about me.. the next time i pitch an idea to anyone that involves over 30 locations, talk me out of it!!!

on the up side, i got some really great new shots this week (like an old russian couple playing chess and my elderly neihbor doing aerobics). and, i got an extension. unfortunately, its because the other person who was supposed to be producing the show with me backed out- on her 30 minutes!! so, i am trying to help figure out how to fill them. this has the added benefit, though, of meaning that my punker film from last year will now be aired on tv as well! :-) its about the only thingt i have thats broadcast worthy (my film from south africa can't be aired due to obvious religious slanting-- 1 cor 13 is read..).

this film has caused me to spend the past two days in various cities (bremen nord and achim).. and i forsee a few more such adventures....


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