11 November 2006

take 2

sometimes the german language just works better. i titled this post "aufnahme-?!" on my german site. it's a great pun. but it doesnt work in englisch.

the first issue is that we are in the process of considering whether or not to take in the second junkie, michael. yesturday his counselor called because he doesnt know who else to turn to. today, through a small misunderstanding, he showed up to introduce himself. oops. we were trying to discuss it as a house first! anyway, the main problems are that he is in a wheelchair and has a dog. either would be a big deal on its own. and, he is still taking polametadon (heroin substitution from dr). he needs a place to stay two weeks, until his detox appointment. we are leaning towards saying it is more than we can handle, though, because willi is still here and i am preoccupied this week with the film. also, lillys mother is coming on the weekend, moerssl is celebrating his birthday, and i am going to be in and out of town and recieving company. yeah, we are busy...

the second topic is that i got 5 good scenes filmed today! one i had an appointment for (i didnt feel up to going bc of the flu, but hans came along as my grip, so i decided to tough it out). the others we went to the international dorm at the university and just knocked on doors. there are still 6 floors i could go to, but i needed to get back to bed... but at least now i do have hope that the film will work out!

(side note: my gram letter came today, too, which is really cool when sick...)


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