30 October 2006

2 for 1

on the weekend something happend that i have been waiting a long time for:
a lady said she is interessted in moving into the hope house for a few weeks while she looks for an apartment. eve is a homeless wanderer who has now decided to make bremen her home. she is living on the streets but is cleean and sober. i really like her, she's fun to talk to and open...

then, at church willi came up to me and said the same thing! he is a friends of hans, also living on the streets. he finished his therepy in august and wasnt able to get into a half-way house. he is also clean and looking for an apartment.

so now is Gods part.. who should we take in? there isnt really room for two (maybe for a week, but not longer). i am praying that only one of them comes by to meet the rest of the house members and that we all have peace over the decision.


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