22 October 2006

missed train blessing

something about me and the streetcar lately.. this morning (at 2:30am) i watched the night-line pull off in front of my nose. as i sat there, with a stabbing pain in my chest and the frantic desire for air (yes, i ran from the o:bar to the main station after that train..), feeling a bit angry, i looked around the station.. it was pretty full for that time of night because of the city fair. and then i saw dirk. thats a punker-junkie that i havent seen in about six months. kruemel and i had just talked about him thursday and were wondering if he was dead or what. i'd say he's in his early thirties, and more interested in evil than God, but a really nice guy, and he used to come to street group and freaks occassionally. despite being rather drunk, he noticed me and recognized me immediately, and ran over and thrust his arms in my face, "LOOK! see anything??? NO! because i am 99,3% clean!" he is scarce because he moved to bremen north, he said. we didnt have long to talk, because his friend wanted to keep going.

an hour later i finally sat in the night-line, and dirk and his friend (whose name i should know) got in and sat down by me. it was a rather interesting conversation that followed.. we covered everything from brunch till death, but i'll spare the details here. the most important thing to share with y'all, is that dirk needs prayer for a new start in life.. pysically, emotionally, and spiritually.


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