21 October 2006

streetcar conversations..

the way things seem to happen..
i was on my way home from cafe chance last night and got into the streetcar 10. there i saw a regular guest of the jesus freaks with his metel-head friends. so i greeted him with a hearty, "they even let your kind sit in here?!" and he started to laugh. his friends, however, didnt find it funny (seeing as how they dont know me) and one girl really turned on me.. i assured her it was a joke, and he explained we are friends, at which point she then decided i was way-cool to pull something like that. uhm, ok.. she then wanted to know all about me, what i do, how i know danny.. so i started telling her about street work and the jesus freaks (obviously to dannys embarassment). she kept asking questions and repeatedly saying "how cool," so i invited her to church sunday. at first she was kinda turned off, but after i said we meet in a bar at 4pm, she started to think it is "so cool" and thought she could make it. then she wanted to know all about what we believe and how we "do" church. danny eventually decided she wasnt just making fun of us, and chimed in and said he'd bring her sunday. so, pray that they come! i think this girls got a pretty open heart- what you wouldnt expect if you just saw her on the streets, with her black clothes and makeup.


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