28 October 2006

man verses machine

i am supposed to preach tomorro. its been giving me a hard time all week, being why i havent blogged. i have been doing very little of anything, in fact, other than working on my sermon. well, actually, on my topic.. it took until this morning to settle on one. finally, i began to work.. and i have been working on it for over 15 hours now.. pretty little powerpoint presentation, with fotos and videos and lots and lots of info.. great material. and i was autosaving every five minutes.

so at first i wasnt too worried when the program crashed.
but then, it somehow didnt automatically recover my data like it claims it does. and, try as i might, i couldnt get it back. bye-bye sermon.

i am really at the end of my nerves right now. i am trying to write this in a somewhat neutral way.. i hope its working.. but i am really angry at the moment... especially since no one from my house full of computer freaks (half the church is over tonight playing computer games) came to help me restore it when i asked them to. even if they hadnt have been able to help, it would of been nice to feel some support. instead, they are all laughing and joking around about the racecars they are driving......


At 10:35, Blogger Kelly said...

See, it would of worked properly on a PC.


(btw: "mmmm....racecars...." I wish I could of been in on that!)

At 12:24, Anonymous Leigh said...

Even PC's lose stuff

I am sorry! I hate when my computer loses stuff!


At 13:44, Blogger cate mcmillan said...

its a stupic microsoft program, thats why it messed up!!!

thanks, leigh


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