22 October 2006

warning: prayer helps

tonight was the freaks night to run the christian bar. and, true to style, we opened with a prayer session. the drift of the prayers was unanimous: we all prayed that the bar be blessed financially through our shift (we are all volunteers and see the bar as a ministry) and that we would have a lot of walk-ins (the bar is on a main access street to the fair) who would be curious about the Bible verse on the lackboard and open to conversations about God. well folks.. we prayed it, so we shouldnt of been surprised.. the bar, which usually is a quiet retreat for a handfull of regulars, was packed the entire night with walk-ins. many of them asked us questions about God, the Bible, and our faith. and we made a whopping 400e! (the bar hopes to make 200e a night). and despite the fullness, we didnt get stressed or behind, and we had a great time together and worked well as a team (even poor doro, our veggetarian who got to make burgers).

the moral of the story? expect results.


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