15 November 2006

help cate

i have written a few times about my trouble with this film project.. well it continues. i was stood up again yesturday and going door-to-door today only got one film. grr. so, here my appeal on yall:

as i was praying tonight, i realized i know alot of people with video experience... maybe they can help. i dont know if yall have experience in this direction, but i would trust you have a little or maybe know people... here my apeal: (which takes longer to place that to fulfil!)

the project is a short film about cultural diversity. the concept is to show people of as many different cultures, ages, and socio-economic standing as possible for 30 seconds each, in their personal enviornment (home/work/school/club/whatever..) as they "watch" world news. i say "watch" because the tv should not be in the frame, nor the audio from the tv. instead, the illusion is to be created, that the film viewer is sitting inside these different peoples tv looking out at them- spying. when they change the channel, the picture changes to show a different person at a different place watching the same news. thus showing unity despite difference.

what i really need from you:
if you would be willing/able, to film 30-60 seconds of yourself or people you know and somehow send it to me (per email, a link to a website, cd-rom) within this week. the camera on a tripod, fixed angle, at about the height of a tv (this can vary based on location..i genarally just set up my camera in front of the peoples real tv, set on mute, so that they have a focal point). the people dont even necessarily need to watch actively, as many people do other things while the tv is on. they only need to be in the picture. some of the people i have filmed, for example, have done a puzzle, drank tea, cleaned up the room. there is no limit to what age they should be or how many people should be in the picture, thats entirely dependent on you (although i would love to see families and older people, as i mostly only found students here). important is that they use a remote to change the channel at some point. (this is the point i am using to cut between scenes). it would be great if there are people in traditional clothes or if there are cultural items in the room, but it must not be so.

i really hope some of yall will be able to help me! i will of course post the finished film online, so that all can see it. many thanks in advance


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