18 November 2006

getting better...

things are looking up a bit on the film side of life..
today i got three very nice shots in within an hour, a pastor from an african church called to make an apointment (i left him a flyer everytime i passed by their church in the last month...), and a few people are helping me out from across the globe with shots (many thanks!!). o hopefully, i will be able to make this into a good film afterall.

i took to wearing a safety pin on my shirt again. anyone who knows me from cape town (or maybe only mike..) will remember that we did this during our final project, and called our group safetypin productions. vive los safetypins! it is more than just a little handy household item.. its a picture that was meant to remind us that God has everything under control. even when everything falls to peaces and slips like sand between our fingers out of our grasp, He is still there, and it is God that is holding everything together. so now my project has been rededicated to its origional purpose, i changed the title back to its real meaning, too. i call it "ebenbild." thats the german word for "image," and is outdated- i have only ever heard it used in context of "made in Gods image."

health wise i am getting better, too. the flu i had is almost completely gone, its down to only being little bit annoying when i sleep, because slime blocks my airways. as long as i am awake though i feel fine. give me a day or two and all will be well.

and our house issues are also doing better. i dont want to speak too quickly, but i think we may have a new roommate soon.. things will be clearer in a week or so, but i am hopeful. my new friend sergei was here this weekend and also shares our vision. i have already asked him to "babysit" next weekend as a sort of trial.. "babysit" because the rest of the house will be out of town, but willy is still living here. sushi, the drug counselor from nuernberg will also still be here, and now sergei, and i. i will also ask kruemel to stay here over the weekend. we said from the beginning, that we always want 3-4 people living in the house at all times when we have a guest, so that one person won't be overloaded. i'd be fine with just susji here, but it is a good opportunity for sergei to check us out. and hey, if we have that many guys visiting, then i want to get a girl to come over, too!


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