04 December 2006

travel report

it was an awesome weekend! we did alot of relaxing things. ok, i admit..i had the hardest time of all of us to just sit back and rest.. but i think i needed most of everyone. we ate, prayed, slept, and did it over again.. thats about it.. our main purpose for this trip was to encourage the small jesus freaks group thats been toughing it out in christiania for the past six years. being in denmark cuts them off in a lot of ways from the rest of the movement.. we told them news that has been of major importance in the past few weeks (hannover leaving, hamburg disolving, nuernberg splitting..) and it was all pretty much new to them. we listened to their stories and prayer requests (for new freaks and a feel for community) and prayed alot. on sunday we joined them in another church (the freaks meet every second saturday at midnight). afterwards we helped them stage an advents-kalender theater scene of peter walking on the water, with songs like "hi-ho,hi-ho, a sailing we will go.." und "don't worry, be happy.." [i will add a link as soon as i get it uploaded to you tube] i have always felt really at home in christiania, from my very first visit i could picture myself there. thus it was especially cool to be there for a few days again. (and, the last time we were there, people gave me their leftover kronen because they thought i'd be the most likely to return to denmark, and for that EXACT price i was able to buy a bevar christiania swaetshirt-jacket! merry christmas to me...) i'm afraid the photos don't do justice to the place itself.. (but i'd be happy to act as tour guide if anyone wants to take me along on a trip there...) we arrived back in bremen at 1am monday morning, somehow exhausted...

the back enterance

putting up posters for the church

sandra and john's house

peter sees jesus

moerssl and..half of me

when he grows up, he'll be a pilot..

debbie and casper and the donkey chair

a kinda store wharehouse

sandra, john and casper

josua drives

corcken and josua looking for adventure

banana house

market on pusher street

cool house

mr fireman

by the way: anyone know why the pics all show up in the same format? none of them are sideways when i open them normally, just in blogspot..and they didnt used to upload sideways... grr..


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