30 November 2006

witnessing to hamlet

to pray or not to pray, that is the question...
that many young people in europe are faced with, although mostly on a subconsious level. so the jesus freaks are having a month of evangelism. to start it off, we are going to spend the weekend in copenhagen. well, not quite.. in christiania, really. if you don't know anything about it, then check out the wikipedia article i linked above.. (cate isnt responsible for content of links). there we will be staying with a few friends of mine in the old opera house. they are trying to start jesus freaks there, and we will be encourageing them and also helping to create a midnight church. i was there in 2004 for the heartcore school, and we also had midnight church- it was awesome! so i am looking forward to this trip. pray that people's hearts will be open!

viva CHRISTiania


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