25 November 2006

the cat and the button

in the jesus freaks movement, if we talk about sushi, it is less likely to be fish, and more likely to be the drug counselor, and my friend, from nuernberg. we had the priveledge of having him as our guest this week (and, although he was just comming to see me, we jumped on the idea to have him lead some seminars...) and talked to the hope house, the small groups, cate, and led a self-defence workshop.

i also had the advantage of having him shadow me around for most of the week, and give me feedback and a bit of practicle mentoring. he summed up our week today by saying, "well, you aren't doing anything that would really make me throw my hands over my head and scream." thats his version of a compliment. the button shown above was given to him at cafe chance, after i saw it and told the junkie wearing it that he was sitting next to sushi..

sushi left today, and i miss him already.

oh, and since our cat didnt get any of the sushi, we offered her the chance to hunt a piece of frozen salami...

it took awhile, but she caught it eventually..


At 10:28, Blogger Kelly said...

awww.. Only a piece of frozen salami? Fraidy probably misses the days when I would share pieces of unfrozen salami and some gouda cheese.

Poor Fraidy...


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