06 December 2006


it's nikolaus, the day on which children wake up all across germany to find sweets (if they were good) or straw and coal (if they were bad) in their shoes. so what did cate get?? i woke up, got dressed, and the doorbell rang... and either nikolaus looks really different in person, or..
it was ilt, my friend from chemnitz! ok, to be fair, i did know he was comming.. i just didnt expect him this early. he is the regional leader of jesus freaks sachsen and someone i've known well for over six years. i'd gone to visit him after the convoy, because he wasn't doing too well, and now he just needed to get away for awhile. part of the vision i have for the hope house, is that we also be there for other christians that are needing a rest or encouragement. so today we took a long walk and talked and prayed, and he came with me to street group. (he even watched me edit film awhile..) he will be here till saturday.


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