05 December 2006

cold death

tonight at cafe chance, i recieved the news that michael straub is dead. michael was one of the junkies i had a closer relationship to. i knew him through hans (who is suffering greatly over the loss of one of his closest friends) and from the dom and ziegenmarkt. he often came to street group or the jesus freaks, and occassionally he would come to cafe chance. about two weeks ago he told me that he got a place at the heines to detox and was going to therepy afterwards. why is it that the ones who are starting over always die?! he had gotten out of detox and was suffering from a chronic lung infection, which got him into the hospital. aparently, he didn't like it there with all the old and dying, and checked himself out. he died on the streets from medical complications. he was clean. michael was one of the special guys, where i really thought he would make it. he had a good heart, was walking with God, and was on his way back to a healthy life. he was only in his mid forties. on thursday morning is his funeral.

the list is long this year.


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