10 December 2006

christmas interviews

today we went to the christmas market and interviewed people with my camera.. the results were rather interesting, and after reading a quote on treeinforest, i thought i would ask the questions here. so here they are:

1. what does christmas mean to you?
2. what is the best christmas gift you ever recieved?
3. can you remember ever getting a non-material gift? what?
4. what was the world's first christmas gift?
5. what does christmas have to do with God?

i am only going to answer 2 and 3. gram gave me a green gymnastics ball when i was (correct me) four or so.. i think its the gift i have had the longest. it even survived my becomming a missionary- its in my room here! (along with its big-brother, the yellow gymnastic ball leighs family gave me my first year in college- after asking what one thing i missed most from home other than people)
the best non-material is a tie..
2004 i was "adopted" over christmas by a city in switzerland. there isnt an easier way to say it, i was stranded in a contry i knew only one person fleetingly in, and was takin in by the jesus freaks and vineyard churches so completely and lovingly... instead of being alone over the holidays, three families invited me over!

and getting to visit murr and meg in LA last year was very special. it wasnt quite the christmas time (i delayed my flight to the usa to be at a certain friends wedding and to partake in bremen in hosting various events for homeless) but it had the christmas aspect of time with family. very cool to see them, and to wear a t-shirt in january. :-)


At 12:28, Anonymous Leigh said...

I remember that green ball!
and i'm glad the yellow one is still there as well!

and hey--you get the award for the wedding guest who traveled the farthest and certainly the one I was super duper happy to see!


At 12:32, Anonymous Leigh said...

And to answer these myself:
2. what is the best christmas gift you ever recieved?
This would have to be a few years ago when my aunt gave me some corsses that belonged to my grandmother (my mom's mom whom I never got to meet) and I've always wondered about her and mom always says I remind her of her mother and so it was a special bond and a nice thing to have
That is just one of many fabulous gifts I have gotten....

One great gift that someone else gave to someone close to me was a certain someone brought my puppy Tex his very own Beary to play with and keep him company when we first got him and Tex carried that thing around tell it was a thread and even then it was hard to get him to put it down/let us get rid of it

3. can you remember ever getting a non-material gift? what?
The best non material gift I get every year is the fact that since mom and dad are back in Texas we get to spend every Christmas together with my grandmother as one big happy family and even if we had no gifts, Christmas would still be special

At 10:00, Blogger Kelly said...

1.) Well, it is the time we celebrate the birth of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, God's only begotten son. But, the truth is, with all the commercialism and secularism of the holiday, it often ends up being more about "avoiding traffic", hanging out with friends, and buying gifts for people so they don't think I hate them. Everyone says that they wish we would all focus on Christ's birth more, but then we all find ourselves wondering what we'll get this year.

2.) It's easy to please a child sometimes. I can remember three times my Great Uncle Bryan gave me and my brother each fabulous Christmas gifts. 1.) a TV 2.) a MASSIVE amount of Micro Machines (we had sent him lists of stuff (because he had asked!), and that's the only time I ever got so much for Christmas!) 3.) an R.C. Airplane.
My Uncle rocks.

3.) not offhand, but I keep waiting for that White Christmas. (Ahem! God?)

4.) Jesus

5.) see the first sentance of #1.


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