31 December 2006


there was alot that happened in the past year.. most of it can be read somewhere in my blog archives.. heres the play-by-play..

i moved out of my apartment on the last day of 2005 and went from there to a new years party, not sure where i would be spending the next few days...

january i was in the usa, at my longest friends wedding and visiting dallas and my brother in LA.

february i looked for a new apartment and found the hope house.

march was mathew 28:19 and the counselling seminar.

april i surprised lilly at her parents for her birthday, threw hans a birthday party, and went to the ACL-forum (for street workers and drug counsellors).

may i got my two-year visa, went to the jesus freaks leadership conference, and began renovating the house.

june we moved into the house and immediately filled it with wedding guests, and went to the regional freaks weekend in celle.

july was more renovating and i left for freakstock.

august was freakstock and convoy, then visits to church leaders in chemnitz and friends in hamburg.

september kelly came, and i celebrated my birthday belated.

october i went to a long counselling seminar, sibe came to visit from switzerland, and i began the production of "ebenbild" (image)

november willi moved in with us, i went to falkos 30th, met the guys from verden, took courage, had 8 guests from sachsen, sushi came.

december started in christiania, ilt came, i finished "ebenbild" and saw it on tv, "unsicher" (my film from last year) was in a fil festival, it was evangelism month, and i spent new years eve with friends in the garden house i used to live in.

some numbers for my baptist friends:

months without a home- 6
total months on the go- 3.5
guests we took in- 29
theater performances- 1
sermons- 9
deaths- 6
films- 5
saved- ?


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