30 December 2006

kunsthalle bremen

this post is primarilly for murray...
i went to the art gallery of bremen today (see link) and these photos are the result.. i was surprised, they also had quite a few famouse pieces and a good variety of artists... i avoided photographing most of them, though, because anyone with an art book can see them.


At 10:59, Blogger cate mcmillan said...

i bet no one knew a work of mine is hanging in the museum? the second photo.. artist:me title:going down. composition: artists legs, marble stairs, reflectend in mirror

the forth one also has me in it.. it from the dada room, though..

and the odd wooden box with a green background is actually the security mount for a painting (renoir?) currently on loan to wherever else. i thought it was more interesting than all the paintings in that room, though, and sat and studied it until one of the guards informed me, curteously, that the actual painting wasn't there..... no, really??

the sculpture of the man made out of needles i apparently wasn't supposed to photograph, but since i already had, i decided to blog it anyway.

the picture of me in chains was the result of a security measure. there is some very famouse painting of this blue cave all alone in a room, and so that the guards notice someone is there, you walk through these chains.. i had so much fun with the chain door, i only glanced briefly at the painting. a rather serious looking man in his late forties seemed quite perturbed...

am i a bad museum goer?

At 07:13, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Great photos--you have a wonderful museum!



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