25 December 2006

the gift of giving

the german christmas traditions are rather different than the american ones. for starters, they celebrate on the night of the 24th. then there are the jesus freak traditions.. they are a bit unusual as well, but i like them. we went out all afternoon yesturday with two very overloaded supermarket buggies. one full to overflowing with gifts, the other with four big pots full of kohl und pinkel, a north german specialty (potatoes, green kohl, and two kinds of sausage), coffee, tea, clementines, and cookies. we we from the "church" to the main station, then through town to the dom (cathedral) and back again. we must of given food and gifts to around 50 people. this is the kind of tradition i like! it was a little difficult, though, because alot of the people were greedy and kept opening gifts then saying they want a new or different one. i understand if it doesn't fit, but ahomeless person who says he needs something warm, and then trades it for a book because he doesn't like the color?! mostly, though, people were touched that we would be out on christmas, just to serve. and surprisingly, everyone liked this wierd german meal. (ok, i admitt, after passing it out we went to the offenbar and ate the left-overs, and it actually was pretty good.) church was short, but nice- there were 4 jesus freaks and 10 guests there!! several who we met on the streets came to see what kinda of church we have, that would cause us to be the way we are. they were a bit surprised- i think in a good way.

and, i also got a few special presents- most notably leg-warmers that a friend knitted me! and a small candle holder that one of the guys i counsel gave me to say thanks.

after all the stress of the past few weeks, it seems very quiet and lonely here. all of my roommates are gone to their current or future families. all the shops are closed till wednesday. there is no mail. and even the tv schedule is messed up. hrmpf. i settled for making a fine tex-mex christmas dinner (thanks to leigh and mom) with hans and willi (who then decided they weren't hungry and watched me eat.... if it was because they saw how much chili powder i poured in?)

oh, and i made it through the christmas season only hearing ONE christmas song.


At 12:18, Blogger Kelly said...


I wouldn't want you to feel left out. (and this is actually kind of cool...)


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