08 January 2007

on a walz

just like every friday, i was working in cafe chance. it was a rather difficult evening, despite double the normal volunteers. and i was tired and felt like going home. i had just passed out coffee, and turned to see.. two carpenters in traditional clothes. my first thought, "cool.. carpenters." then, after looking up, "TOMMY!!"

first a short explanation of "on the walz"... it means that they are traveling in the traditional style for three years and one day, taking up work under different master carpenters. they wear the traditional carpenters clothes and carry their belongings wrapped in bandanas. they aren't allowed to go within 50km of their homes durring this entire time. due to the outfits (very spiffy ones) they are also highly recognizable. thus, at my eye level i could see they were travelling carpenters, which i find cool enough due to several friendships, and yet had to look up to see it was actually my friend.

tommy is the one next to me, of course.. the other guy, manuel, i just met. tommy was at freakstock, and there's a rather unique story of how we met and he ended up also comming on convoy. they left me to work and came back later to pick me up. we sent manuel home with my laptop, and headed off to cafe engel ("angel cafe") to chat. it was awesome to be able to pick up the friendship without any aukwardness. we talked until the cows came home.. on saturday we did alot of relaxing and tommy cooked. at night the three of us went out to the irish pub, heard live music and enjoyed the masses of interesting people. it was nice to just get out.. i rarely go anywhere not associated with work.

another cool thing, tommy's friend is also a christian. that's rare amongst traveling carpenters.. about 1%. so they came with me to church on sunday, and were glad to have the chance. as it is, they had to head off already this morning, so after sleeping less than desireable amounts all weekend, we got up before the sun and said goodbye. well.. two of us did. tommy needed some help, and the sun ended up beating him, despite coffee on bed. the parting was full of sweet sorrow, but also full of hope- they will probably head back this way in a week or so. :-D


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