12 February 2007

blue elephant

tonight we said goodbye to lilly. well, she isnt quite dead yet.. uhm, i mean gone. but she is flying to dallas on wednesday. i know kellys happy, but for me its sad. the sadest thing to happen all year. dont get me wrong, i'm happy for her/them... but lilly is a good friends and roommate, and i will miss her. is it selfish? maybe. but i still wish she wouldn't go away.
anyway, we threw her a going away party at the offen:bar. she had to be there anyway, for her last shift. there was indian curry and cake, and a toast. oh, and a box of things she wont get in the states and likes. alot of the freaks and offen:bar staff came by.
she'll be back in a month for a few weeks, and then i'll be in the states right after that, so i guess it isnt that dramatic.. except that she doesnt live here anymore. (and we still need a new housemate)


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