28 January 2007

bookclub: song of solomon

one of the things i've wanted to start, but havent found any co-conspiracers for is a book club. my concept would be a group of 12 people who each select their favorite book. they then get the adress of the next person on the list, and send that person their book on the first of the month. each person sends the book they recieved on at the start of each new month, until they have their own book back. well, until i get that rolling, i'll just post occasionally about the books i read and whether or not i find them worth your time. and, if you are a reader, please feel free to comment and give me your book tips, or impressions on the same books.

as you can see in the photo, song of solomon is not the book between ecclesiasties and isaiah, but rather a book by toni morrison. if you dont know who she is, its your loss, and i recommend you go out and read the first book of hers that falls into your hands. she is a nobel prize winner, and i am not one to argue with that- she is definately one of my favorite authors.

ok, that said.. beware. she does tend to be a bit graphic sometimes. the use of her language and imagery is justified, though, as it adds the character and weight that the topics she deals with need.

this particular book wasn't my favorite of hers (so far, love is my favorite) but a close second, and it tops the rest of the books i read last year. i'm not a literature guru, but i was raised on good literature and tend to read the university lit class material in my spare time..

the story is about the grandson of an ex-slave and his family, social and racial divides, love and friendship. but truly, at the core of it all, it is a story about identity.


At 16:34, Anonymous Leigh said...

sign me up for the book club!

At 17:20, Anonymous Kate P said...

I'll join!


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