20 January 2007

moral theology

i want to let y'all in on a bit of the theological discussion i have been having with myself and with other bloggers. i'd apreciate to hear responces to this topic and maybe get a discussion going. and to this purpose, i will only write an introduction tonight. (well, that and its 4:15am..)

the conversation started with a post on storchs blog (i would link it, but its in german). talking about "the spirit is willing, but the flesh is weak." all right.. the issue didnt captivate me so much. i flipped it around a bit and got a discussion started. and so here the topic, which i present:

consider a person who lives a moral life (i am purposely shying away from the terms godly/christian) and does what is generally considered right, yet for the wrong reasons (for example: out of fear or pressure) and against that which is really in their heart to do....

hmm. now the hard part. i suppose i have to state a question. there are several ways this discussion could go, and i leave the optio open for other directions as well. i'll start the discussion with the question: is there a difference between the person who longs to do what is right, yet fails and the person who has evil in their heart, but restrains himself?


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