28 January 2007

the harry situation 2

today we met with harry after the service to talk about him moving in to the hope house. the conversation went well enough to a point...
then harry brought up an issue that he should of talked to me about privatly first. i was a bit shocked, because i hadnt known there was a problem, and he suddenly brought it up in front of everyone like that, as if i was deliberatly being mean. the problem, in and of itself, wasnt a big deal: it was about a pillow fight. but the thing that got under my skin, is that he didnt come to me first, or say something at the time, but rather waited a few days and made a big deal out of it at the meeting.
so we cleared that up as well as could be, and went on to pray about the situation. i didnt have any specific thoughts, but lilly and moerssl both seemed concerned afterwards, and are pleading to not take him in.

we are still in alot of stress about someone to take lillys room, too, and time is running out. please pray!! we currently have no perspectives..


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