06 February 2007


YEAH!!!!! hans is in detox!!!

the past two days have been the most diificult this year so far. also the most rewarding. this is the goal i have been working so hard towards. it was a looong and difficult day, but i'm too tired to write the whole story. we'll sum it up with the fact that i was at work, out of the house, for 14 hours without a break.

and please pray for hans, that he complete the detox and apply and go through a therepy. especially that God will bless him with peace.

(btw: the title is a pun in german.. the word anstrengend means exhausting, add the h for hans..)


At 01:05, Blogger Kelly said...

It is so good that he is in detox. I'm praying for him. I am also looking very much forward to the day when I can speak enough German to talk to and get to know him! (I know that will be awhile, but, God willing, it will happen!!!)


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