18 February 2007

call the dr

saturday afternoon we already knew it was imminent. we needed to call the doctor, but we decided it was best to wait a day. here's the story:

we've been searching for a long time for a new housemate without much luck. finally, in light of the fact that lilly was actually gone, we resigned to an add in the internet for a short-term rentee (whats the englisch word?) advertising an open house for saturday.

usually there is a storm of people who come to these things. we cleaned up and made coffee, setteling down in my room to wait for the doorbell to ring at noon. (open house was 12-2) we listened to some worship music, we talked, we prayed. specifically, i prayed for a woman around our age. moerssl prayed for a christian.. and we both prayed that God send the right person and make it clear to us.

one woman came. one. she's 29, and moving to bremen from hamburg (like i did), and doctor. we gave her a coffee and hit it off from the start. we walked through the house and talked, and in lillys room she turned and looked at the writting above the door, "alpha and omega you have loved me." i had briefly thought about painting over it while we were cleaning up, and in the minute it took her to look from the writting to my cross and ask "are you..or yall.. believers??" i sure wished i had. she was so nice, we hoped she would like us too. moerssl pulled his cross out from under his t-shirt, and i affirmed.

she smiled. not the nice little "how quaint" smile i am used to getting when i admit to my faith, but a heart felt smile, and said "me too!" it turned out, she is from the vineyard church in altona, where alot of my old friends from the jesus freaks (like steffan korth who visited dallas once) go now. in fact, they were all praying for her to find an apartment.. we exchanged a few names of people and laughed some more. and she confided, that she had prayed before comming that God would help her find a good place to live.

i went on to tell her about the hope house vision, and to say that we understand while theres another person in the house as a short-term renter that we can't take in homeless. she said as far as she concerned its a very cool vision and that we can take people in while she is there.

as she left, moerssl and i were speachless. yes, yes, yes, YES! very cool. so i called her tonight (we have people comming tues, but we'll show them the basement) and said we'd really like her to move in. she said she'd just been thinking about us, and would very much like that.

oh, and i met a woman at church tonight who came by afterwards for dinner who just moved to bremen two weeks ago. she's an interior designer (yes mom, a real one) and on the search for an apartment and christian roommates... so, i have some hope again. God sure keeps me on my toes, comming through with answered prayers in miraculous and wonderful ways at just the right time. its still a challenge though, to trust Him and not get caught up in worries. but this will be added to my huge list of reminders of his faithfullness.


At 22:23, Anonymous Kate said...

Hey there, I hope it all works out. Be nice to have a doctor around. Excited to see you on Wednesday!

At 01:03, Blogger Kelly said...

It's fascinating to me how we see God's blessings so much sometimes when we "forget" to cover something up that identifies who we are.

You realize, of course, that in a real Christian sense, we should be fighting to never cover these things up at all....

At 03:49, Blogger cate mcmillan said...

i didn't "forget" to cover it up, i made a consious decision not to.
and we have a prayer room.. it'd be a little hard to "hide" us being radical jesus lovers...

"who lives here?
und here?
und here?


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