06 March 2007

senoritas patheticas


(it's the end of the world as we know it...)

kate is gone. she left me yesturday. what can i say to that? it's like the voices in my head vanished, or my siamese twin was seperated.. i had really gotten used to her just being there and being funny. i'm glad i at least have alot of distractions right now.. (sometimes, i need somebody to leeeaaaan on) the girls from celle are there, and karina spent the night. and now, lilly is on her way to germany (and i am on the computer and phone desperately organizing her stay in frankfurt..)

kate being here was a very german time. we did all things german. like eat chineese/thai, spanisch, irish, mexican, greek, italian, indian, dutch... we somehow missed the turkisch food though.. (eat it, just eat it..open up your mouth and feed it...)

we also saw alot of germany. like viertel. and sielwall. and the scene. yes, all of that is on the same street. to be fair though, we tried to go to hamburg- twice. (who actually wants to "walk 500 miles"?)

and she did get me to dance. (because: we can dance if we want to...) and go out alot at night, like to the free band contest for ska. (she fell in love with the drummer, she fell in love with another...) rythm, baby.. where'd it go? art student, art student!! still beats the rocks, though. although they rock..

even though the blue one no longer had potato buds on her head, and the girls were on repeat, we managed to watch a few films, confirming that hollywood and berlin do in fact share the secrets of cross-film plot sharing down to the details. no one will find out.. but oh please, i would know! ;-)

the locals made their lasting impression on us as well. there were the arabic speaking girls who in a smirk changed to german, the russian guys who don't like the way i walk, and the old turkisch man who understood- but "dos" what??

ok, i'll stop. most of this post is only relevant for kate anyway.. for the rest of you, man did that help!! and i'll be in dallas from march 23 till april 15th.


At 10:07, Blogger Kelly said...

The Frankfurt thing seems to have worked out.....

At 11:37, Anonymous Kate said...

Hey I am back in NJ back up to no good. Seriously, no good. The good is gone. It's in Germany. Hope to catch you online soon. I'm going to rewrite/record the Wilco song to have lyrics pertaining to senoritas patheticos and hopefully put it on to a cd so you can hear it.


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